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Product Page: (discontinued)

Developer: Syarikat Home Multimedia Program

License: Shareware

Interface: English.

UjiSoft Family is an educational tool designed for families and teachers who are interested in making extra lessons for their children. This version contains two applications - PenUji and Uji.

The first application (PenUji) is an editor that was exclusively developed for parents or teachers to prepare electronic test papers and then save them as finalized files. Finalized files have the extension 'uji' and can be displayed only by the application Uji. The editor is like any other electronic word processor, but it has special features to assist users in producing quality electronic test papers.

PenUji: Editing electronic test papers
PenUji: Editing electronic test papers: Editor is based onRichViewEdit component

The electronic test paper has five methods of answering:

  1. Multiple choices
  2. Simple choices in brackets
  3. Fixed choices
  4. Fill in the blanks
  5. Group selection

They can include sounds, animations, movies, tables.

Uji loads the 'uji'-formatted files produced by PenUji and conducts test for students. Once file is loaded, use the mouse to point at hot spots and click the ones that you think are correct. This application can flush a boredom out of kids!

Uji: Making tests
Uji: Making tests basing of electronic test papers: Test field is created with TRichView component

UjiSoft can be also be used to produce electronic books. The sample is the Manual Book for the UjiSoft Family Package.

Uji: Manual book
Manual Book: you can see TRichView at the right side of the window

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