Spell Checking, Thesaurus

Supported Spell Checkers

TRichViewEdit does not have its own spell checking capabilities, but it provides a programming interface for popular shareware and freeware spell checkers:

  • Addict 3 and 4 by Addictive Software (shareware VCL component)
  • HunSpell by László Németh (DLL, open source)
  • ExpressSpellChecker by Developer Express Inc. (commercial VCL component)
  • EDSSpell 7 by OneDomain (shareware VCL component, discontinued)
  • ASpell by Kevin Atkinson (DLL, license: LGPL)
  • VSSpell 8.0 by ComponentOne LLC (shareware ActiveX, discontinued)
  • VSSpell 3.0 by Visual Components, Inc (shipped with some versions of Delphi, ActiveX)
  • LS Speller by Luzius Schneider (based on former work of Alexander Obukhov) (freeware, uses ISpell and MS Office spell checkers (via CSAPI)).
  • Polar SpellChecker Component by Polar (shareware ActiveX)

For the most of the spell checkers (Addict 4, ExpressSpellChecker, HunSpell, ASpell, LS Speller) two types of dialogs are available: a traditional dialog and an MS Word-style dialog.

Classic spelling dialog used for HunSpell, ASpell, LS Speller
Classic spelling dialog

Spelling dialog in Microsoft Word style used for HunSpell, ASpell, LS Speller
Modern spelling dialog

Download parsers for spell checkers and demos from Resources for TRichView

Live spelling check (background spelling check)

Live spelling check

The components can perform spelling check in background and mark misspelled words with special underlines. This process is called live spelling check.

A compiled demo project is included in “TRichView Showcase”. This demo shows how to use Addict 4 in TRichViewEdit: live spelling check, spelling check with a dialog, autocorrection on typing (“autocorrect.adu” must be included in the list of dictionaries).