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Re: Future versions

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jgkoehn, I'm not Sergey, but a user. I just wanted to know more, that's all:)

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Re: Future versions

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Ah oops hehe sorry about that

Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: Future versions

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DocX import is planned, but not soon.
Current plans:
- porting Report Workshop to Lazarus
- probably, native HTML import (it was completed by 80% several years ago; I'll see, if it can be completed in about a month, I'll do it)
- porting TRichView to FMX for Windows

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Re: Future versions

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I'm missing DocX import too. The Microsoft Office Converter solution is not a good long-term solution, yet we've had to use it for a very long time now :(
It can take a lot of time and computer resources to convert large DocX documents to RTF, then a lot of time for RV to import that RTF. And as far as I can tell, it is not even possible to download it from Microsoft anymore.
I fear that it might break with a future Windows / Office update, and as it is not supported by Microsoft anymore, it will be leaving us without any DocX import capabilities for TRichView.
I'm glad to see native HTML import in your list though!

Pieter E.
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Re: Future versions

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Thank you Sergey, for your update on future plans of development. Import native HTML would be excellent! :D :D :D

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