TDateTimePicker in ScaleRichView does not work correctly

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TDateTimePicker in ScaleRichView does not work correctly

Post by Kverde »

I used this code to insert a TDateTimePicker control into the ScaleRichView

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  c: TDateTimePicker; 
  c := TFwkDatePicker.Create(nil); 
  c.Parent := DBSRichViewEdit1.ActiveEditor; 
  c.Name := 'DatePicker'; 
  c.Kind := dtkDate; 
  DBSRichViewEdit1.ActiveEditor.InsertControl('teste', c, rvvaAbsMiddle); 
But the TDateTimePicker does not work correctly. When I clicked on the calendar button the window to select a date appears somewhere, but not below TDateTimePicker as expected.

Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Unfortunately, it cannot be fixed. Controls are not really placed in positions where you see them, so they cannot display popup windows correctly.
We created TSRVComboBox control to solve this problem for combo boxes. Probably, in future, we will create TDateTimePicker analog too.

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